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Przedsiębiorstwo Zbożowo-Młynarskie „PZZ” Stoisław S.A.

www.stoislaw.com.plwww.stoislaw.com.plThe company was established on 20 October 1958.

For decades, it has thrived in different economy conditions adapting to the current market demand. The company is a leader in grain and mill industry in Poland.

Main fields of activity include contract farming, grain purchase, storage, preservation and sales as well as processing and sales of products under Młyny Stoisław brand and by-products from grain grinding.

The offer is directed to the industry and individual consumers.

The company manufactures: confectionery flour, baking flour, groats, porridge oats and bran, selling its products in Poland and abroad in Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, France and other countries.

The products are processed in Stoisław using advanced mills and grain silos.

All company products are available on-line with home delivery in Poland on: www.stoislaw.com.pl

Daily production capacity:

- wheat mill, 600 tonnes

- rye mill, 200 tonnes

- barley groats mill, 35 tonnes

- oat flaking mill, 60 tonnes

Storage capacity: 100 000 tonnes

For details please refer to our website: www.stoislaw.com.pl