Sustainable Development Strategy

Krajowa Grupa Spożywcza S.A.. was established in August 2002 and currently is the largest in Poland and one of the most important in Europe producer of beet sugar. The State Treasury is the majority shareholder of KSC S.A., and over 20% of shares belong specifically to beet farmers and employees. After a period of incorporation involving sugar plant companies, followed by the restructuring process, the Company maintains a multibranch and multiplant structure. The Company Headquarters conduct business operations at the Company registered office in Toruń, and at the Company Office in Warsaw.

The basic statutory Company operations include mainly sugar production and sales, as well as sales of side-products from its production, i.e., molasses, beet pulp, and defecation lime. It also processes and preserves fruit and vegetables, trades in seeds, fertilisers and plant protection agents, produces electrical power, leases and manages own or leased real estate, operates the archive, and provides various services. Sugar plants, located in five voivodships, process over 6 million tonnes of beet a year, cultivated on the area exceeding 100 thousand hectares, and delivered by ca. 15 thousand farmers.

In 2014, the Company Management Board adopted and implemented “The Integrated Management System Policy of Krajowa Grupa Spożywcza S.A.”  The mission of Krajowa Grupa Spożywcza S.A. is to manufacture sugar for industrial and individual customers. The Company performs this task by purchasing raw material and manufacturing sugar of high quality in a responsible, environmentally-friendly way. From the very beginning of its activities, Krajowa Grupa Spożywcza S.A. has striven to achieve standards of high quality and a competitive position, combined with care for the environment. Krajowa Grupa Spożywcza S.A. is an enterprise for which the continuous development is a priority, in particular, in areas concerning: cooperation with Farmers, protection of the environment, good relations with its stakeholders, production standards, supply chain, Employee rights, and ethics.